I wake up early and know He’s waiting for me. I tiptoe down the hall and enter the secret place. What does He have for me today? I take my journal and His Word. I don’t want to miss anything. Jesus is my Teacher and, right now, I’m His student.

What will I learn in our sweet fellowship? In anticipation I receive for today just what I need – manna. Hours go by in instruction, communion, and even correction. I return silently to my husband’s side.

My second sleep sweeter than the first.

The Sovereign Lord has given me a well-instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being instructed. Isaiah 50:4


How do we learn if we’re not listening?
See with closed eyes?
Know if we’re not instructed?

I discover new and mysterious things in His word
Things I do not know
He speaks – I listen
I am like one being instructed

With a humble heart, I whisper

Thank You, Your Majesty, thank you!
Who am I that You speak to me?
Touch my burning heart?

I yield
Yield in His presence
Surrender to His voice
I see with my mind’s eye the truth

He draws near to those who draw near to Him
Why does He use the medium of Scripture?
I do not know
I only know I find Him there

He writes Himself on my heart
Etches Himself in my mind
Imprints my DNA
His story written clearly

I learn from listening
See with open eyes
His love instructs me
He is here

I lean in to hear the Author of the Word
The Author of my soul
Author of my faith

I am like one being instructed
He the Teacher
Me the student

Can you hear Him?



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Chris Malkemes

Christine Malkemes is a writer and encourager. She is passionate about a deeper walk with the Lord and writes at Whispered Words of Wisdom (http://www.christinemalkemes.com). She's a retired Army officer, survived a nomadic lifestyle, and today set her roots in the sunshine state with her husband and two grown children.

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