It’s hard. It’s hard to clear my mind from all the noise and distractions of my everyday life.

I go behind closed doors to pray, commune with God and listen to His Word, but thoughts bombard me. They won’t go away. How can I cultivate a quiet mind to hear God speak?

I pick up a pen and paper to discover the secret Christians have known for years: Journal. It’s intentional – it’s spiritual.

To journal or not to journal, that is the question. If you’re still not sure please join me in my office and watch what happens when I write the name of Jesus.

“The Written Name of Jesus Christ.”

With pen in hand, I write His name: Jesus Christ.

The sounds of those who’ve miss-used it ring in my ear. I hate the sound. I can’t stand such irreverence. I’m angry at such ignorance. I’m frustrated. They’ve changed even my own perspective.

So I write the name again, but this time, I write Christ Jesus instead. I refuse to let them win.

I write His name again. Jesus Christ.
This time I write it slowly in worship. Jesus Christ.

As I write I recall who He is, and I write:
God Almighty

I write it again. Jesus Christ. I write it like a new wife writes her name. I write it in awe. He’s accepted me. He’s paid the ultimate price. I write it in reverence. I write it in admiration.

Gone are the voices of dishonor.
Gone are the sounds of abuse.
Gone are the echoes of anger.


There’s something about that name.

Eureka! I’ve found the secret of a quiet worshipful mind in the presence of a Holy God. Journaling


“… wherever I cause My name to be honored, I will come to you and bless you.” Exodus 20:24b NIV


Therefore, God exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Philippians 2:9-11NIV

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Chris Malkemes

Christine Malkemes is a writer and encourager. She is passionate about a deeper walk with the Lord and writes at Whispered Words of Wisdom ( She's a retired Army officer, survived a nomadic lifestyle, and today set her roots in the sunshine state with her husband and two grown children.

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