He Turns My Pleas to Praise

When I am…
Consumed with grief
Caught up in sin
Engaged in battle
Groping for guidance

I turn to my journal in prayer.

I ask.
I lament.
I cry.
I cry out.
I complain.
I list my lists.
I find my fears.
I confess my sins.

The Lord meets me there.

He hears.
He answers.
He opens my eyes.
He reminds me of…
His grace
His promises
His peace
His power
His truth
His mercy
His forgiveness
His strength
His ability
His help
His glory
His might
His victory
His blessings.

Pages upon pages
We meet in the middle.

He reveals.
He heals.
He calms my spirit.
He restores my hope.
He guides me.
He sets my course aright.
He strengthens me.
He gives me joy.
He turns my pleas to praise!

Do you know the blessing of journaling? The way God can meet us in the pages, when our words otherwise fail?  When we are weak and weary, worried and confused?  If you don’t, just start writing.  Pray.  See how God meets you right in the middle of the pages.  Be amazed at the way he turns our pleas to praise.

When I am in a dry place, or just not even taking time to notice the condition of my heart, he uses helps to prime the pump and get me praying with words and art as my tools. I am blessed to have both local and on-line art/journaling friends to inspire me.  Here a few of my favorites:

Kel Rohlf is a long time personal friend. A true gift, Kel loves to learn and shares generously with all. She is an accomplished writer, word lover and multi-media artist.  She wrote “Defining Moments, Overflowing with Living Words,” where she shares her musings about life with the definition of words and their impact on her understanding of the Word of God.  I am blessed to take her Souldare multi-Media art journaling classes in a local art studio and to share open studio time with her once a month in her personal studio.  You can visit her soulPantry here: https://kelrohlf.wordpress.com/ where she shares words, ideas and prompts.  You will be inspired to open up your journal and let God feed your soul too.

Lynn Morrissey, CJF, is not only a professional journal facilitator in journal therapy at Sacred Journaling, but another personal friend.  She wrote a beautiful book called “Love Letters to God,” where she shares how God transformed her life through the intimacy of relationship with Him that grew out of her practice of writing her prayers in her journal.  She has journaled for over 40 years and has a stack of journals that reach from floor to ceiling which represent the outpouring of her heart and God’s healing balm.  As a professional journal facilitator she encourages transparency in women through journaling classes that she writes and teaches in her hometown, St. Louis, MO.  God has really done some healing work in her classes.  You can find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lynn.morrissey.14

Dawn Paloetta is a super journaler and writer. I met her online. You can find her gathering stones on the beach most mornings. She loves hanging out with her hubby, daughter and family pets close to home in the smallest state in the US: Rhode Island. She blogs and shares her passion, poetry and prose on her blog, Enthusiastically Dawn A quick tidbit: She has filled 800 journals. Wow! She is funny too! Get inspiration and journaling ideas from Dawn.at https://www.enthusiasticallydawn.com or on Facebook at:
Enthusiastically, Dawn

Anna K. Pasquale, Artist at Anna K. Originals, “believes art is a verb, creativity is a love language, and that there is grace in the mess.”  We met online too. You can find her beautiful art here at http://www.annakoriginals.com/ where there is a link to The Made Tribe where she shares art journaling prompts and inspiration for free or you can go there directly at www.madetribe.com to sign up.

How about you? Do you journal? Do you have a favorite place to go for inspiration and prompts?

Pleas into Praise

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Kelly lives in St. Louis County, MO with her husband. She shares her story where it matters for juvenile justice, parenting prodigals, to encourage cancer survivors, brain injury survivors, and their families. Prayer is her love language. She is happiest when she is with her family or on her belly in snorkel gear floating wherever the river runs with the fish racing below her, sun rays streaming through the ripples onto the rocky bottom and the sounds of the world distantly dim. In addition to blogging here at the Consilium from time to time, she leads In ONE Accord, a Facebook live prayer event at The Consilium Prayer Room where we come together to pray scripturally as we take our eyes off of our circumstances and onto the mighty gracious attributes of God. You can find her learning how to take care at her blog Curare.

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