Tree of Life


Blue Geode with Sterling Silver and Copper Tree of Life design, 14″ necklace

Did you know, Geodes begin with a bubble in a rock? It could be a burrow from an animal or a tree root or an air pocket that releases steam from a Volcano. Next, hot Lava pours over the air pockets entombing the bubble. Over the next years, water will trickle through the pocket of air, creating color and texture.

The word Geode comes from a Greek word meaning, Earth-like.

A Copper and Sterling Silver Tree of Life adorn this beautiful blue Geode stone.  It hangs from a 14" sterling silver chain.  It is a statement piece that will be sure to bring you many compliments.

Additional information

Weight 6.00 oz
Dimensions 3.25 × 1.75 in

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