Tiger’s Eye in 14Kt Gold filled necklace.

I was in a restaurant wearing this piece when the woman next to me wanted to buy it off of my neck! It is an eye catcher. And being Tiger's eye and 14Kt gold-filled it should be!

Do you know the difference between Gold-Plate, Gold-filled and Solid-Gold?

Gold-filled is the closest you can get to solid-gold in jewelry.  It begins with a small metal base and placed in extreme heat to bond the gold onto the metal.  It is harder than solid-Gold and contains ten times more gold than gold-plate. With Gold-plate Jewelry it is the least expensive and the gold will last about a year before wearing out.  Gold-filled will last for many years.  Solid-gold is an heirloom piece to be handed down to many generations.

This Tiger's Eye statement piece is made on order and is sure to catch the attention of those around you.  it has about a 12" drop. Length May vary on each person.

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