Photographing indoors crates a new set of challenges than with outdoors. Overhead lighting and fluorescent lighting can create tints that change the color of your subject.  You might notice a strong yellow or blue tint to your pictures.


First make sure the picture you are taking is in focus and the shadows are in complimentary places.  It is next to impossible for the amateur photographer to correct these two issues; though some off-the-chart-fantastic Photoshop guru might.


When you import your photo for post photo editing, determine if your photo is too yellow or too blue, this is called the temperature.  My original photo was too yellow, so with the temperature slider in Lightroom (my post editing program), I cool the picture by taking the slider toward the blue end until the color seemed more natural.  If the photo had been too blue, I would have warmed it up some by taking the slider toward the yellow end.


Of course, there is always freedom of interpretation.  You might like the golden glow around your watermellon, it all depends on your taste and the purpose of your photo.



So, Temperature is what you see when you are looking at a blue and yellow in the overall look of your pictures.

So here we Go!  Show me what you’ve got!




This is the way it works.


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If you are linking up with Photo Friday, there is no exception to rule number 5. You must visit the person who linked up before you and encourage them in their comments. This is fun and how we build community!



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