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Today’s tip: Shooting Camera RAW.




What is RAW?  It is a setting on your camera. It is a file format that captures all the image data. In other words it gets more details than when you shoot in JPEG. Your smart phone shoots in JPEG. Most SLR and some “point and shoot” cameras shoot in RAW naturally but have the ability to change over to JPEG in the camera.  Your smart-phone shoots in Jpeg.


The advantage to shooting with your smart phone is you can show your photos immediately online.  There are some apps that will allow you to edit the photo, but if you were to try to print it you would find it is not as sharp an image as you might want when you frame it.


The reason you want to shoot in RAW is to save more details. See, to have a JPEG, the camera must squish all the data into a small space, causing some of the details to run for their life, thus losing them.


RAW allows more space so more details can be gathered and saved. RAW does not compress your information as much; and, the image can be better quality. Here is a techy piece of information; JPEG holds 8 bits of information, while RAW can hold 12-14 bits of information.  That’s significant!  It can take some photographs from, “Oh, that’s nice” to “Wow!”


When you shoot in JPEG, not only are you getting fewer bits of information, but when you edit, you will lose even more.


You lose information each time you edit a photo whether you shoot in Jpeg or Raw. But in Raw you begin with more information.  Think of it this way, if you have 17,000 hairs on you head, but when you brush your hair you lose 1,000.  You don’t like losing hair but you still have 16,000 hairs left – that is what RAW is like. But, Jpeg is like losing 1,000 hairs when you only began with 4,000.  It makes a difference.


I can think of only two potential drawbacks to shooting in RAW.  First, RAW must be processed with software to print or post online. The second, because RAW has more information it takes up more space on your computer sometimes making an external hard drive helpful.


For me, having an external hard drive is not an issue because the process of a photograph is my art. But processing is not a joy to some.  They prefer to shoot and show.


But, if you want to improve your post photography skills, then changing your camera setting to RAW is the first step. Though it adds some processing steps, the results are worth it!


Do you have questions about photography?  Do you have a topic you would like me to talk about?  Let me know in the comments below – because I LOVE having a conversation with you!


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