His golden brown eyes shimmer silver and with trembling chin he protests, “But I want it and you have money.” Our four-year-old has seen a Transformer toy and wants it more than anything in the world. Not that there aren’t any Transformer toys in his toy box, but his mind tells him he needs more.


I think we all spend most of our lives searching for the illusive, “more.” Something inside says, “we do not have enough, we need more.”


We acquire more and more, trying to silence the voice inside. Empires are built because the a voice within the mind cries out, “MORE.


More gathers money because More cries out in the night, “I’m not satisfied.”


Satisfaction is the goal of More.

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Seeking full satisfaction drives us all. We are created for more, but our desire for more has morphed into a beast whose hunger cannot be satisfied.


More drives many to ignore life around us (family, friends, pets) to acquire satisfaction.


Sometimes satisfaction is approval


Sometimes a full garage,


Sometimes a full stomach,


Full closet,


Full of drink.


It comes by benching more weight,


Or high quality clothes, (my personal favorite)


Or have the perfect sexual experience.


The words of the world will try to convince us that satisfaction comes by looking sexy to others because sex, not exclusive intimacy, brings the satisfaction we seek.


The truth is, we were created to crave satisfaction. We are created to crave more. This life is not enough, there is more! But, as with so many things regarding heaven and earth, heaven’s ways are not always instinctive to our human nature.


Where the world says, “more, more,” God says, “Give, Give.”


God knows something about human nature we don’t fully understand. Because there is more satisfaction when we give to others than when we give to ourselves. So He set the example for us. A gift both small and un-noteworthy had the angels not sung and rejoiced at the time of its Giving.


From giving big, to giving small, there is more satisfactions in giving to others.



Does it improve their life, does it move them forward, does it heal a wound, and does it bring a smile?


God so loved, that He gave…


God looked at all He owned, and all He created and found the most precious possession, and gave it as a gift.


He gave His Son as a gift, knowing the gift would not be treasured, as it should be.


He gave, knowing the Gift would not be appreciated by most of the people.


He gave knowing, thank you notes would be few.


But He gave, regardless.


For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us…


We are created to crave more, but the only More that will satisfy is  more of Christ and less of this world; and to give it to others.  Today, what is yours to give? Money, books, baked food from your kitchen, a call, a word, a hug, and a smile? What can you give away today that will remind others of Christ?


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