I’m home from Harrisburg, Pa and the Allume conference.  I had the time of my life!  So many of you have been asking for highlights from the conference.  Here are the pictures that developed well and some quotes that were made by the various, and amazing speakers.  Above is the amazing bags of gifts that everyone received when they first arrived!

And so many incredibly talented bloggers!

Sally from Zondervan,Glynnis WhitwerIs from Proverbs 31 ministry, and darling LeAnn Rice, also from Proverbs 31 ministry.

The Stage from which keynote speakers gave us messages and encouragement that exceeded my expectations!

Sarah Mae co-founder of Allume and author of Desperate

Venders were there from Chuck Colson’s Angel Tree, Billy Graham’s Christmas Child, and so many other well respected companies that reach out in ministry Yes,to others. Yes, that is the angel from The Angel Tree coming out of my head.  That’s just the way I am! (laughing)

The lounge is where we all had a chance to talk and catch up with old friends. I was so beautifully decorated with candles and decor’ from Day Spring.

Me with airplane hair and the beautiful Holly Gerth

How excited do I look hugging Lisa-Jo Baker, The Gyspy Mama and Kristen Strong, Chasing Blue Skies.  Hey, I know I’m short, but these women are slender and tall, and just gorgeous in real life!

I am still overwhelmed with email addresses to add to my address book, and unpacking, so I am not going to write about all I heard at Allume things right now.  But I will give you some of the amazing quotes I heard during the conference.  And Yes, Ann Voskamp was there and I didn’t get any good pictures. The pictures I took were really bad, and after that, her talk was so amazing that I couldn’t move all.  All  I could do is try to absorb all that she was saying.

*Even without our dreams fulfilled, God is more than enough.  ~Mary DeMuth

*If you are walking with God-and He wants to use you-He will take your messages mysteriously around the world. ~Sally Clarkson

*The only way to build trust is show how broken you are. ~Ann Voskamp

*Christianity isn’t gaining a reputation but losing it, not lauded as wise but laughed at as foolish, not celebrity but service. ~Ann Voskamp

*God didn’t give Abraham a map — He gave Abraham a relationship. He doesn’t want you to lean on a guidebook. ~Ann Voskamp

*You have to bury your fear in faith — Otherwise you bury your talents.~Ann Voskamp

*Have you embraced serving your children? Time passing gives a new perspective. ~Sally Clarkson

*If you want to make a difference in the world — it’s not so much about being the very best — but being the very breakable. ~Ann Voskamp

*You are not effective if you are not a full body!~Logan Wolfram

*If God is calling you to do something you can only fail by disobedience. ~Logan Wolfram

*The Lord wants us to show what an authentic journey looks like.~Logan Wolfram

*Even if your on the right track you’ll get run over if you just sit there -Will Rodgers ~Darren Rouse/ProBlogger

*Train yourself to see the sparks and go after them. ~Darren Rowse

*If your blog changes one person you blog is big enough. ~Darren Rouse

*When you compare yourself – compare yourself to where you began, not to where others are. ~Darren Rowse

*Celebrate the growth you have! ~Darren Rowse

*Be able to Rest in the Undone. ~The Nester

*God’s kingdom has enough room for all if us to do something amazing. ~Jessica Heights

*If you are not secure in who you are and  what you are worth is in Jesus Christ, then nothing on the earth will change that.  Your worth is decided by Christ not the world.  ~Jessica Heights

The last night Ann’s talk absolutely pealed a layer off of me.  I will try to blog about it later.  But I will tell you, that I was so overwhelmed with the presence of the Lord, that I skipped the after party, where I might have met Ann and had a picture with her, to return to my room and have an after party with the Lord.

As she said, “Christianity isn’t about gaining a reputation, or getting bigger numbers for my blog, or lauded as wise but laughed at as foolish, not celebrity but service.”  May all I think, write, say and do be in full service to my Lord.

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Diane W. Bailey is the founder of The Consilium – an online community of wisdom and purpose for women over 45 years of age. She is a published author. Her books include String of Pearls – From Tears to Treasure, and 30 Days To A Better Stepfamily. She creates her own line of precious metals bracelets. Diane lives in the Deep South with her husband Doc. Together they have created a stepfamily, each having two stepchildren and two birth children, and share three grandchildren, one black lab named Charlie and one long haired tabby cat named Lil Girl. Diane’s passion is to encourage women to be all God has created them to be by pressing past fear and daring to live life as an adventure. Some of her life adventures include traveling to Israel, speaking, entrepreneurship and backyard farming with Doc. She loves Gumbo, fried shrimp and seeing all sunsets across water.

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