ISO,  you might have seen this on your camera. It used to be the indicator for how sensitive your film was to the light (you might remember seeing – 100, 200, 400, 800 etc). The lower numbers would be used in brighter light and would be less grainy.


With Digital Cameras ISO measures the sensitivity of the image sensor, the same way film did. The lower the number the less sensitive you camera will be to light.


A higher ISO is usually used in darker settings such as indoor sports activities, birthday parties or weddings where you are in lower light. The higher your setting the noisier or grainy the picture.


If there is a lot of light, and I want little grain, and I’m using a tripod or my subject is still, then I’ll use a lower shutter speed. 200 is usually a good speed on a bright and sunny day.


If it’s dark, and I don’t want grain I will increase my ISO so my shutter speed will not slow down and the picture will not blur. If your ISO is too low, your digital camera will slow the shutter speed so it can get enough light to capture the image, and your picture will blur.


This is a picture of my daughter and her cousin at a party.  I can tell you this night I produced some of my worst photography. I struggled getting the ISO and Shutter Speed correct. There were a LOT of blurred pictures that night.  When processing, I used every trick I could think of, and then made up some more, trying to create photography worthy of showing.  This is the one I made better in Lightroom, which is the program I use to process pictures.



Here is the before.  It is over-exposed and blurred.


And here is the after.  It is still a little blurred but much better.


Remember, the best camera is the one you have with you! Happy Photoing!



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