Meet the Consilium Writers

Diane’s passion is to encourage women to be all God has created them to be by pressing past fear and daring to live life as an adventure.

Diane Bailey

Diane Bailey, Founder

Christin is passionate about calling women to a deeper life — the life we long for, the life we were created for!

Christin Ditchfield

Calling Women To A Deeper Life

Mary’s attention to detail, her efficiency and her VA skills help the Consilium bloggers stay organized and produce great content.

Mary Bonner

Dealing With The Details

You can see Chelle’s quirky sense of humor as she dances through each day, tossing her dreadlocks while clutching her vintage pearls.

Chelle Wilson

Treat Me To A Feast

Debbie is a child of God, traveling in uncharted water, counting gifts and trusting God for His goodness in the storms and doldrums of life.

Debbie Putnam

Uncharted Water

Tammy approaches life with spunk and joy, and encourages others to explore and live a life of creative purpose.

Tammy Hendricksmeyer

The Art of Fear Not

Rhonda shares stories of redemption and writes from her cozy old farmhouse. She finds great joy in the ways God reveals His good gifts and humor in their small community.

Rhonda Quaney

Motivated by Love, Inspired by Faith

Kim writes, speaks, and hosts Winsome, an annual retreat for women. She’s also the founder of Five-Fifteen, an organization fighting human sex trafficking through corporate prayer.

Kim Hyland

Winsome Living

Elizabeth’s desire is to pass on a passionate wholehearted love for God, His Word, and His ways from generation to generation.

Elizabeth Stewart

Just Following Jesus

As former teen model, Teresa knows the struggles all women face when It comes to self image. She helps women of all ages view their beauty through the eyes of God.

Teresa Coelho

Power of Modesty

Kelly is a prayer warrior and storyteller who advocates for children in the adult criminal justice system, prodigals, and their families.   Prayer is her love language.  Hope is her message.

Kelly Greer


Mei is a Bible geek who immerses herself in the Word of God and being alone with Jesus. She is a recovering perfectionist and a gadget freak who runs hard after Jesus.

Mei Au

Beloved and Redeemed

Voted “most likely not to succeed,” Chris is proof you CAN succeed when you surrender your plans to God and follow Him.

Christine Malkemes

Whispered Words of Wisdom

Mary is a lover of learning, reading, coffee, chocolate and long walks.  An amateur photographer, she’s always exploring God’s beauty in every moment.

Mary Geisen

Passage Through Grace

Jeanne serves with local refugee and special needs ministries, and loves to help people find beauty and purpose even in their most broken places.

Jeanne Damoff

Jeanne Damoff

Natalie works with women all over the world find what brings them joy, and then execute a plan to achieve it. She’s proof you can live your dream!

Natalie Joy

Defining Your Joy

Lynn’s greatest passion is to share her devotionals and inspirational stories, fulfilling God’s call on her life to encourage others and glorify the Lord.

Lynn Mosher

Encouraging Hearts ~ Uplifting Souls

Lynn’s experience as a professional journal facilitator (CJF) led her to found Sacred Journaling, encouraging transparency in women through reflective writing.

Lynn D. Morrissey

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