The Back of the Hand


“The Lord said, ‘Behold, there is a place by Me, and you shall stand there on the rock/ and it will come about, while My glory is passing by that I will put you in the cleft of the rock and cover you with the palm of my hand until I have passed by.  Then I will take my hand away and you shall see My back’” Exodus 33:21-23

Months ago the doctors finally gave the order, “We need to test her for Neurofibromatosis ( NH1) and probably several other things while we are testing.”

The two year old runs around the room terrorizing the furniture, while the young mother wraps her arms around the one year old holding her tightly as if to protect her from the doctor’s words.

This one year old, Gia, who the Lord God spoke to my heart while she was still in her mother’s safe womb,  she would be a woman of prayer.  Now this disease with no cure threatens to keep her from having the life we have dreamed for her.

I’m angry at sin, at Satan. I want it to hit and beat something for harming my Grandbaby, for hurting anyone’s baby!

I remember the nights of hugging the toilet after reading on the internet the worst case scenario of the disease.  Doc fusses at me for reading such things, saying that all diseases have levels of expression.  Just because she may have it doesn’t mean it will consume her.  His words give me some comfort.

But she may have it – family history and signs are present…

Over and over I cry out to God, I call and email all the prayer warriors I know and activate a prayer chain.

While I am at a She Speaks Conference Gia’s mother and father hold her in their arms as the doctors at Children’s Hospital remove vials of blood from a screaming baby girl.

I get a text from my daughter who is overcome with emotion that the blood will not flow and it’s a fight.

I leave my class and hurry down the hall to the prayer room.  In the hall I find Karen, and LeAnn, grabbing them without regard to who may hear our prayer.  We begin interceding for the blood to flow easily and for healing.

An hour later I receive a text that the second try was successful and the wait for test had begun.

In the middle of the night I woke up with a Bible verse rolling through my mind over and over:

“The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.  I will bless the Lord who has counseled me; indeed, my mind instructs me in the night.” Psalms 16:6-7

This disease can cause a disfiguring of the body, blindness, deafness, brittle bones and a learning disability; all because the lines of DNA do not fall in pleasant places.

I began praising God for His Word.  I got in touch with all of the prayer warriors who were generous with their time, to pray for us and Gia, and gave them this Bible verse to add to their prayers for her.

Four weeks passed and the waiting was like dragging a blacksmith’s anvil through mud.

Yesterday my daughter received the call from her doctor’s nurse.  She began with a reminder that the test was only 80% accurate.

Then she gave the awaited result.


My daughter repeated the answer wanting to insure she had heard correctly, “Negative, she is negative, she doesn’t have NH1?”

“Yes, her test did not show NH1”

Like rain on a tin roof, tears of joy are a comforting sound as mother and grandmother shout out praise and thankfulness to the God whose hand is not influenced or hindered by medical indicators.

You know, that is the funny thing about the hand of God.  You usually only see the back of His hand after he has already passed.  It is difficult to see the palm holding the name written on it in blood, of the one He cherishes more than life.

The palm that crushes fear, the enemy, and disease, yet is so tender to touch the face of his child that we rarely notice until he has passed showing only the back of his hand.

This is the reason I blog – To take notice of the Hand of God, and of our Christ in everyday life.

Please tell me, where do you see Him in your everyday life?  I want to hear your stories.   Please leave a comment, or you can email me your story at, I love hearing

from you.

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