We like to make a rabbit cake at Easter time, an Oryctolagus cuniculus of the rarest kind. My mother began making this cake when I was small for my birthday, which was always close to Easter.  And we have continued the tradition!

Here is how you make an Easter Bunny Cake!  You will need:

2 Boxes of White Cake mix

2 Bags of Baker’s Angel Flake Coconut

1 recipe of 7 Minute Icing

3 Circular cake pans

1 bag Large Jelly Beans

Green Food Coloring

One sheet of copy paper,

a pink marker or crayon and Sissors

Step One:  Using both boxes, make White Cake according to the directions on the box.  Evenly distribute all of the batter into your three cake pans.

Step Two: Make the Seven Minute Icing as follows:

1 3/4 cups Sugar

1/2 cup water

4 Egg whites, room temperature

1/2 teaspoon Cream of Tartar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Directions – In a saucepan, bring sugar and water to a boil.  Boil for 3-4 minutes or until a candy thermometer reads 242 degrees F (firm-ball stage).

Meanwhile, beat egg whites and cream of tartar in a mixing bowl until foamy.

Slowly pour in hot sugar mixture; continue to beat on high for 7 minutes or until stiff peaks form.

Add Vanilla.

Continue beating until frosting reaches desired consistency – about two minutes.  ( I like the icing pretty stiff so that it will hold the cake together.)

If there is left over icing, then I will drop by spoonfuls onto a non-stick cookie sheet and place them in the oven at 170 degrees F until slightly golden.  It makes great meringue cookies

Assembling:  After cakes have cooled, cut two of the cakes in half, giving you four half circles.  Then in sandwich style spread icing over the top of all four and place them flat side down onto your cake plate. This is the body of the bunny ( I use a cutting board wrapped in aluminum foil for easier decorating)

Cut the third cake in half.  Then cut a half in half giving you three pieces – 1 half and 2 quarter pieces

Take the two quarter pieces, cover tops in icing and put together like a sandwich. Place in the front of the bunny body, this is the head.

Lob off a small piece of cake from your remaining 1/2 which is over to the side and place it in the back for the tail.

This is the fun part! Generously coat Bunny all over with icing. Then cover generously with Coconut.

Take a bowl full of coconut, and drop about 10 drops of green food coloring in and mix. This is the grass!

Using the copy paper cut out two bunny ears and color the center pink. Place them in the icing behind the head joint.

We used three pink Jelly beans for the eyes and sprinkled the rest around for color.

Our boys love putting the black jelly beans behind the rabbit, and our girls loved screaming GROSSS!!!!!

And for the duration of the Bunny we there was a silent war moving the dark jelly beans from front to back of the rabbit.  We never saw how those dark jelly beans jumped into the garbage by the end of the week, but they did!

I hope you have much laughter, lots of egg hunts, and sweet story telling of the first Easter with you family.

Happy Easter, He Is Risen Indeed!

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Diane W. Bailey is the founder of The Consilium – an online community of wisdom and purpose for women over 45 years of age. She is a published author. Her books include String of Pearls – From Tears to Treasure, and 30 Days To A Better Stepfamily. She creates her own line of precious metals bracelets. Diane lives in the Deep South with her husband Doc. Together they have created a stepfamily, each having two stepchildren and two birth children, and share three grandchildren, one black lab named Charlie and one long haired tabby cat named Lil Girl. Diane’s passion is to encourage women to be all God has created them to be by pressing past fear and daring to live life as an adventure. Some of her life adventures include traveling to Israel, speaking, entrepreneurship and backyard farming with Doc. She loves Gumbo, fried shrimp and seeing all sunsets across water.

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