Mentoring Your Daughters

Moms are the ones, who first teach us to make friends, understand the actions of others and set the example of a godly woman. Setting a perfect example in front of our children is not the most important example we give our daughters. Living authentically in front of...

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Silvered Scars

She was a thirty-something, the mom of seven, tolerating with a smile the extra children and teens running through her kitchen, and I was sixteen when we first met. She mentored me at times with advice about womanhood, and I taught her the latest dances. That was...

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Backtalk and Parenting

“I didn’t asked to be born!” shouted my teen from the bedroom. “It’s not fair. Nobody else has to do this!  You’re so mean!”   And the door to the purple room closes with a slam.   “Good thing you didn’t ask to be born today,” I thought to myself.  “Today the answer...

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